A focused and refined collection of wonderful people and things. curated by Matt Schroeter


Jimmy Turrell

Bold and beautiful visual language from Jimmy Turrell.

Jessica Eaton

Surprisingly, these are abstract photography images. Awesome color schemes. via FucknFilthy.

New Work from C215

Strong layering from the seasoned artist C215. via Colossal.

Manual - The Slanted Door

Beautiful identity work by Manual for the Slanted Door. I think this is the best use of a slanted ‘A’ I’ve seen.

Etches by Al Held

Finding a lot of quality geometric art lately. This set is from Al Held, an abstract expressionist from New York.  via but does it float.

Flat Packables

Ingenious designs made from laser cut plywood - love the care of detail put into these. You can check out the Flat Packables shop on Etsy. via Shoebox Dwelling

Eefje de Coninck

Eefje de Coninck knows how to set the mood.

Top Towers / Königsberger Vannucchi

Interesting visual rhythm between floors on this design in Brazil. via ArchDaily.

Atelier Olschinsky

Some expert illustration and design work by Atelier Olschinsky.